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Mind Gear is a musical-sect born on September 21, 2019. The sect promotes hedonism and individual thinking.

They began their career as an independent alternative rock band by releasing their first single Melt Away in December 2019.



Entropy feat. Fauce

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Brian Mbara

Vocalist & Guitarist

Brian is attracted to beauty and art, he is mainly involved in writing the lyrics, improve the final arrangement, mixing, mastering, distribution of the songs online, and produces the graphics for the band.

He is a student of occult metaphysics and other esoteric teachings. When he composes he tries to represent events, places, geometric shapes, and colors.

Rick Wolfe


In addition to dealing with photo editing Rick is also very fond of Greek philosophy especially of Plato's perspective! When he plays he sees the notes as if they were people in situations experiencing certain emotions.

Vick Donnie

Bass Player

  Vick created the official   Mind Gear's website, he is involved in everything related to the software part and he has a keen interest about video editing.

Vick has a rather hedonistic character, he likes to spend his day looking for pleasure because life shouldn't be boring. When he picks up his bass he always tries to create melodies that describe his mood.

Thomas Tex

Drummer & Second Vocalist

Thomas searches and organizes live events to play in, and edits photos of the band.

He is attracted to space and the things yet to be discovered such as galaxies close to us and planets not yet reached by man. For him each drum sound corresponds to a planet of the solar system: the snare drum to Venus, the toms to Saturn and the other major planets, and the cymbals to the stars in the cosmos.

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